Hi, I'm Ella Vida...

A qualified Hypnotherapist, intuitive singer, meditation coach and spiritual seeker  guiding people to activate their super consciousness through the power of Quantum hypnotherapy,  regular meditation practice and sound baths to connect to their own inner wisdom for profound life changing insights and healing.  

Before embracing a regular meditation practice and quantum hypnotherapy, I always felt lost. I didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. As a mystical and musical child, embracing my true self through singing and spiritual gifts led to relentless bullying and constant school changes, which in turn led to dimming my light to fit in and taking on a series of more "grown-up" unfulfilling jobs. However, in my mid-twenties, I decided to slowly emerge from the shadows and sing again. This led to performing at Glastonbury festival numerous times, all while juggling a career of professional singing and vocal coaching alongside various corporate roles in Marketing, IT recruitment, and website management.
Health is everything:
At the age of 29, I was diagnosed with an immune disorder, nearly succumbing to pneumonia in a hospital bed for three months. Guided by my spiritually attuned mother, I learned to stop putting myself under immense pressure and sought solace in meditation and yoga sessions whenever possible. In my mid-thirties, my health took a dramatic turn for the worse, leaving me bed bound for six months. The doctors claimed there was nothing they could do, which forced me to seek alternative healing methods. This is when I discovered the miraculous powers of Hypnotherapy, which was paramount in my recovery. A few years later, struggling with high anxiety and depression, it came to my rescue again. With a dedicated meditation practice, I felt glimmers of hope once more—a spark in the darkness.
Empowered by this newfound sense of purpose, I embarked on a rigorous journey of training in Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energy Psychology, Quantum Hypnotherapy, and Past Life Regression.
Through Quantum Hypnotherapy, I underwent a profound life-changing experience. It was a revelation, a communion with my higher self that answered questions I'd carried for a lifetime. This newfound connection led me on a journey of deep meditation, sound therapy, chakra toning, and intuitive singing, which brought about multiple spiritual awakenings —an undeniable shift in my very being. I began to shine, unashamed of my spiritual side as I connected more and more as a Quantum hypnotherapist, spiritual seeker, lightworker and intuitive singer, guiding me towards a path of fulfilment and purpose. 
My life’s purpose is to guide others to their own inner temple wisdom, through the modalities of Quantum Hypnotherapy, meditation practice, chanting, and soul-nourishing sound baths. To help my clients embody regular practices, go deep within, explore more opportunities without limiting beliefs blocking them, so they can discover who they really are, what lights them up, what they enjoy, and what their life’s purpose is. 
To embark on a journey of soulful awakening, leading lives of spiritual richness, purpose, and divine alignment. To inspire others to embrace their spiritual essence, regardless of their religion or beliefs, and to live their purpose with unwavering faith. 
My vision is to empower individuals worldwide to trust their intuition, unlock their purpose, and become channels of light so that together, we can extend healing to Mother Earth, fostering a deeper connection, as we are one with all of creation. With each soul touched, a ripple effect of love, compassion and spiritual alignment will permeate through the world, helping to create a harmonious existence. As within so without. ❤️
Ella’s personal qualifications include: 


GHSC Qualified Hypnotherapist
GHSC Qualified NLP Practitioner
GHSC Qualified Practitioner of Energy Psychology
Quantum Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Practitioner
Advanced Professional Diploma Vocal Coaching The Voice College (VIDLA)
Level 3 Marketing Diploma 
Level 2 Music Technology
Level 1 Counselling
Ayurvedic Therapist Diploma (Tri Dosha)
IHHT Indian Head Massage Diploma
Remedial Massage Diploma
Estill Method 

Things You Might Not Know About Me...

I've gone from being unable to sing in front of anyone for 10 years to performing at Glastonbury Festival 5 times in my late 20's and 30's, and singing professionally on and off for 20 years

I used to live in Australia, surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef

I loved Kate Bush so much I nearly became a tribute act

I used to live in China, teaching English in my early 20's 

And saving the best for last..


I finally manifested and married my perfect partner.

We met right here on this beach where we live, whilst walking dogs during the pandemic.

He proposed on the same spot a year later and we were married on this beach just last year!

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