Ella's Mission

Ella's mission is to guide individuals to connect with their super consciousness and inner wisdom to unlock their soul’s purpose, gain clarity in their life and bring about transformational change. Using Quantum Hypnotherapy, guided meditations, intuitive singing, spiritual practises and soul-enriching restorative sound baths, she creates a fluid space for personal profound healing and awakening.

Revering each soul's journey, Ella encourages others to create a connection with their higher self / soul self, trust their intuition, unlock their life's purpose, swim in the deep waters of their soul, find the answers to all of life's questions and become channels of light. With each soul touched, her wish is to create a ripple effect of positivity, authenticity, and spiritual alignment to flow through the world, through her Intuitive singing, Hypnotherapy and meditations.

Ella offers a beautifully unique membership where you can deep dive into your own self discovery and spiritual journey with weekly sound baths, monthly live group meditation / hypnotherapy journeys and also immediate access to meditations and short courses. If you would like to dive even deeper into your personal journey and connect to your super conscious mind to discover your soul's purpose and ask for guidance on any aspects of your life's including relationships, career choices, health issues, spiritual beliefs or non spiritual quests she also offers 1-2-1 Quantum Hypnotherapy and healing (with an optional add on of past life regression), as well as standard hypnotherapy for inner child work, trauma release, confidence issues, weight loss, quitting smoking and more.

She seeks to be a beacon of divine light, radiating love, truth and compassion, spreading illumination like sunlight dancing on water. Much like the vast reach of the ocean, may her light and healing touch countless shores, nurturing communities with the same boundless love and care.

So that Together, we will not only heal ourselves but also extend that healing energy to Mother Earth, deepening our connection as a collective to our sacred home.

Ella’s personal qualifications include:

GHSC Qualified Hypnotherapist

GHSC Qualified NLP Practitioner

GHSC Qualified Practitioner of Energy Psychology

GHSC Quantum Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression Practitioner

Advanced Professional Diploma Vocal Coaching

Level 2 Counselling

Ayurvedic Therapist Diploma

Estill Method - Vocal Training

Trauma informed Coach training

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