Hi, I'm Ella Vida...

A Transformational Lifestyle and Business Coach. 
I empower and support women like you, to find their passions and purpose, and turn them into profit. 
I was raised on a council estate when my parents divorced and after being bullied at multiple secondary schools, I left school with no qualifications. Despite my family's expectations of me working in the hosiery industry like my grandparents, I refused to let my background define me and instead, set out to find my passion and purpose.


After years of searching and trying different jobs, from teaching English in China to corporate roles, to being a professional singer, I found my calling in empowering and coaching female entrepreneurs at the grand age of 42. I decided to build an online coaching business, supporting female entrepreneurs, where I could use ALL my knowledge from the various career roles I've had during my search to find my passion and purpose.
Knowledge that included using Neuro Linguistic Programming to help my vocal students with confidence and performance anxiety on stage for 20 years, my business knowledge of working for 7 years in corporate, including managing an online architectural recruitment business and my digital marketing knowledge from being digital marketer for a teaching platform founded by a member of the marketing team for Dragon's Den. I wanted to find a unique way of combining all the skills in strategy, confidence coaching, digital marketing, and mindfulness to help women start their own online coaching business.
That's when my new signature course "Ignite with Ella" was born. To empower women to find their passion and purpose and turn it into a profitable business. I am excited to take you on a  journey with me, create a roadmap for you to success, so you can live the life you deserve full of freedom of working the hours you want, working from anywhere in the world and earning passive income so that you can have more time with your family and discover new passions!
Life is for living not working!
I'm on a mission to empower women to start their own businesses. I want women to shine bright, not dim their light, but to shine unapologetically with confidence and an inner knowing that they can have everything they want including more freedom, working from anywhere doing what they love.
I am living proof that it can be done, and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you and help you on your own journey to finding your passion and purpose and turning it into a profitable business. 
Let’s do this together and empower ourselves to achieve our dreams and live the life we deserve.

Things You Might Not Know About Me...

I've gone from being unable to sing in front of anyone for 10 years to performing at Glastonbury Festival 5 times in my late 20's and 30's, and singing professionally on and off for 20 years

I used to live in Australia, surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef

I loved Kate Bush so much I nearly became a tribute act

I used to live in China, teaching English in my early 20's 

And saving the best for last..


I finally manifested and married my perfect partner.

We met right here on this beach where we live, whilst walking dogs during the pandemic.

He proposed on the same spot a year later and we were married on this beach just last year!

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