Activating The Super Conscious Mind 

What is Quantum Hypnotherapy and how can it help you?


Quantum Hypnotherapy & Healing allows you to access a deep part of yourself that has all the answers and serves as a transformative path if you are seeking clarity and purpose in your life. When your soul feels adrift, and the heart aches for direction, this beautifully safe inner journey allows you to connect to your super consciousness mind, some like to call it the connection to your Higher Self, inner guidance system, soul self, or wise/wisdom self. This method unveils a reservoir of wisdom and direction that many have been searching for their whole life.. By quieting the chatter of the conscious mind and entering into this receptive  gamma brain wave state, you can tap into a wellspring of insight and understanding. Through this therapy, you will gain a clearer understanding of the underlying reasons for your life experiences past and present and ask for guidance so you can instigate transformative change.


What happens in the session?


Before entering this sacred space, you are asked to compile a list of 10-20 questions for the hypnotherapist to ask them during the session, encompassing a wide array of topics, offering an opportunity to gain insights into life, the universe, and everything. These questions may range from inquiries about your life's purpose, navigating emotional challenges, understanding life events, to seeking guidance on healing and lessons from past lives. You can also explore relationships, family dynamics, and ways to offer support to those around them. The scope of questions is virtually limitless, including profound existential queries about origin, purpose, and the afterlife, whilst you enter the deepest state of hypnosis to answer all of your questions from the knowledge of your highest self, your inner guidance system who has led many lives and knows all the reasons why you are here, has had the experiences you have had, how you can help yourself to heal both physically and mentally, create beautiful relationships around you, and answer limitless questions about life, the universe and everything!

Quantum hypnotherapy acts as a bridge to one's inner temple, a place where the answers to life's most pressing questions lie dormant, waiting to be uncovered. This therapy beckons individuals from all walks of life, offering them an opportunity to commune with their Super Conscious mind, transcending the confines of the conscious realm.

Within this sacred space, they discover boundless wells of wisdom, eternally linked to the Source, with the capacity to offer guidance, healing, and a renewed sense of direction. It acknowledges that the challenges we face—be they mental or physical—may bear the imprints of past lifetimes or serve as crucibles for present-day growth. Through this transformative journey, you may unearth the roots of your discontent and, with grace, find your true path to fulfilment and happiness.