"Ignite With Ella" 

My new signature 10 week online course creation program supporting women to convert their passions and purpose into profit!


Before starting my online business, I wasted 2 years overthinking everything. I created freebie after freebie, tried different tools and techniques, signed up for one free masterclass after another and became a free course junkie – but my business didn’t take off.
I found myself feeling overwhelmed and stuck, unsure of what to do. I had no plan of what to do or what order to do them in! I felt like I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what stuck. Nothing stuck!
I finally admitted I needed help. So I spent $7K on learning how to launch successfully, which worked and I started making money, but I wasn't enjoying what I was teaching at the time, which was Music business to women in music. I wanted to teach something, empowering to women like starting their own business!
Many of my friends who were creatives, therapists and coaches, also kept hounding me, asking how they could start up an online coaching business like I had over the pandemic as they were sick of coaching 1-2-1 and wanted to help more people. This was divine timing as far as I was concerned because I wanted to help my friends and other women to create an online coaching business empowering them to make semi passive income doing what they love and having the freedom to work from anywhere!
So, I took all my knowledge from the five figures I have spent on programs for my own personal and business growth, and my extensive experience of running  online businesses and created "Ignite with Ella" - a unique program that helps female entrepreneurs turn their passions and purpose into a profitable online course, without the overwhelm. 
This step-by-step program will help you avoid the mistakes I made and enable you to create a successful online course in just 10 weeks. During this time you will learn how to adopt a high performance mindset for success, choose a course subject you are passionate about, identify your ideal client, create, promote AND deliver your course to your ideal client during the course so that you have my full support, build your email list, promote your course using up to date social media techniques and having all the tools and guidance you need to start a business you love.
Say goodbye to the feeling of being overwhelmed, stuck, and bogged down with tech jargon and say hello to clarity, confidence, and a successful online coaching business!
Don’t waste years like I did before taking action. In just 10 weeks time you will have created an online coaching business you can build and scale, creating passive income for you and your family to enjoy and the freedom to work from anywhere! 

Don't just take my word for it.. here's what my students are saying:


"Ignite With Ella" 

My new signature 10 week online course creation program supporting women to convert their passions and purpose into profit!

What you will learn over 10 weeks:

  •  How to work out what you are passionate about and what you want to teach to align your passions and purpose with your business.
  •  How to test that your course idea works and there’s a market for it.
  •  Identifying your ideal client? Who are they? Where do they hang out? 
  •  Nurturing your ideal client and prospective leads
  •  How to overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and give you a high performance mindset for success, so that you feel invincible and confident to create and deliver your course.
  •  Goal setting and organisation
  •  SWOT analysis - Part of any successful business strategy (and is always used on business plans) to analyse your market and how to differ from the competition
  •  Technical advice including how to set up a Facebook group and other social media platforms
  •  How to Implement Digital marketing strategies to start attracting your ideal client into your world.
  •  How to write your course outline
  •  How to build an email list of ideal clients
  •  Creating your first funnel
  •  How to present and deliver your course
  •  How to use different platforms and take out the tech overwhelm
  •  Different ways to upscale your course to make passive and semi passive income.

Ella Vida - Transformational Lifestyle & Business Coach

Raised on a council estate and being no stranger to adversity,  I left school with no qualifications, but refused to let my background define me and set out to find my passion and purpose.

I had various jobs all over the world from teaching English in China in my early twenties, Singing all over the world, Vocal coaching on and offline for 20 years, Remedial massage and Ayuvedic therapist and 7 years in Corporate business, including managing an online business for an Architectural recruitment firm, and being digital marketer for a teaching platform founded by a member of the marketing team for Dragon's Den. 

At the grand age of 42, during the pandemic, I finally found my calling, empowering and coaching female entrepreneurs. It all came about after many of my coaching friends and therapists  were all asking for my advice on how to set up their online coaching business teaching music, creative arts or holistic therapies.

That's when "Ignite with Ella" was born. Using my multitude of unique skills of running an online business, all my digital marketing skills, technical skills, teaching, stage and vocal knowledge, I created "Ignite with Ella" to empower women to find their passions and purpose and turn it into a profitable coaching business. To create a life of freedom and independence that comes with owning their own business and gaining passive and semi passive income.

In supporting my students to shine bright in what they do my hope is this will create a ripple effect. As they are able to help more clients, they will impact not only their own families and communities but even more communities worldwide, so that they will make a significant impact on the world and make it a better place for all of us! Now, I am beginning to see just that, and it makes me love what I do even more!!

Ignite with Ella - The Format:


  • Course starts in April 
  • Pre recorded sessions are delivered to the teaching platform every Monday Morning for that week. You also have an app you can download onto your phone.
  • Thursday evenings: 7pm - Live Q&A with me in the Facebook group
  • 24/7 access to me in the Facebook group to ask questions.
  • Accountability Partner - It's lonely working on your own, but luckily you don't have to! I will assign each student an accountability buddy so that you can work with your fellow students, exchange ideas and support each other, which is proven to be the most effective and enjoyable way to keep you on track towards your goals.

Course Price   £1997

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Payment plans available in 3 monthly installments of £333

Offer ends Sun 26th March at midnight

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PLUS you get these Extra Bonuses: 

Bonus masterclass Chat GPT for coaches $197 (available April)

Access to Tea and Positivity Morning Motivation coaching group LIVE every weekday morning 


This offer ends Sunday 26th March