"Ignite With Ella" 

My new signature 10 week online course creation program supporting women to convert their passions and purpose into profit!

What you will learn over 10 weeks:

  •  How to work out what you are passionate about and what you want to teach to align your passions and purpose with your business.
  •  How to test that your course idea works and there’s a market for it.
  •  Identifying your ideal client? Who are they? Where do they hang out? 
  •  Nurturing your ideal client and prospective leads
  •  How to overcome any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and give you a high performance mindset for success, so that you feel invincible and confident to create and deliver your course.
  •  Goal setting and organisation
  •  SWOT analysis - Part of any successful business strategy (and is always used on business plans) to analyse your market and how to differ from the competition
  •  Technical advice including how to set up a Facebook group and other social media platforms
  •  How to Implement Digital marketing strategies to start attracting your ideal client into your world.
  •  How to write your course outline
  •  How to build an email list of ideal clients
  •  Creating your first funnel
  •  How to present and deliver your course
  •  How to use different platforms and take out the tech overwhelm
  •  Different ways to upscale your course to make passive and semi passive income.