12 Weeks 1-2-1 Music Mentorship Program

Get out of your own way and step into your dream music career.

Bonus 50% off (MMM Students only) £675

Bonus 2 x instalments (MMM Students only) 2 x £375 = Total £750

12 Weeks 1-2-1 Music Mentorship Program £1350

12 Weeks 1-2-1 Music Mentorship Program


Get out of you own way and step into your dream music career

Calling all women in music!

To feel completely confident and motivated to get to work on creating your dream music career!

What would that mean to you? Does that sound exciting?

Then I’m so excited to share that the doors to my 1-2-1 Music Mentorship & Life Coaching Program are officially OPEN!


So are you ready to let go of any limiting beliefs holding you back, to walk the path you were born to walk and to let the whole world hear your music?

Then and join us now.


This 12 weeks 1-2-1 Music Mentorship & Life Coaching Program will motivate you to reach your goals and get your music out there without any feelings of confusion or overwhelm.


My favourite part about this program is that once you start believing in yourself and your abilities and get the ball rolling you will feel unstoppable. Even if you feel too shy or like you’re not quite ready yet, this program will be a complete game changer for you.


I created this program specifically for you if you suffer from imposter syndrome, feelings of inadequacy, or just feel completely overwhelmed with where to start and what steps you need to take to get to where you want to go.

So now the choice is yours: Are you done playing small and finally ready to step into your own true power and be heard? Then I created this program exactly for you.


Plus those who have completed the Music Mindset Mastery 4 Weeks course, will get to take advantage of this amazing 50% off Bonus, when you join the Music Mentorship & Life Coaching Program before Tuesday 7th September.


MMM Student? Want to secure this Bonus?

Then join us now for just £675 for our 12 weeks 1-2-1 package. (Usually sold at £1350)

If you prefer to pay in 2 x instalments you can pay £375 before Tuesday 7th Sept and the second instalment of £375 by the 18th October (Total: £750)


I am here to help you get your music out there. I believe that why I’ve been put on this earth, to help women in music pursue their dreams and to overcome our limiting beliefs and stop us being the minority.


I am going to take you by the hand and help you achieve your music goals.

This course is ideal for female identifying songwriters and producers of all levels, who like to dream big and want to release their music.  They would like to create a plan, set realistic goals and overcome any limiting beliefs. This course is equally applicable for those releasing music for the first time and those who have released multiple times.


12 Weeks 1-2-1 Music Mentorship Program £1350


Bonus 50% off (MMM Students only) £675


Bonus 2 x instalments (MMM Students only) 2 x £375 = Total £750

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Ella Vida

My Story & Why I Want To Help YOU!

Hi, I’m Ella Vida, a professional Singer, Songwriter, producer and Vocal Coach with over 20 years experience. I’ve played all over the world and performed four times at Glastonbury festival. I’ve written and released my own material which has been played in top radio stations, reached Number 1 in the download charts, collaborated with many top producers as well as lecturing in music colleges. It all sounds glamorous to many, but let me tell you a secret! It’s not always been this way. Many times I felt like a “struggling artist”, a “starving artist”. All these negative beliefs we sign up to in our heads when we feel overwhelmed writing and releasing our music.


This is my story. In 2016 I wrote my first EP as a solo artist, with the finest musicians in the country. My launch night was successful, my songs were being played back to back next to my idols on BBC Radio and Jazz Fm regularly.  This is it I thought!! What came next?


Nothing. It all died down and I was on my own, struggling. How was I supposed to wear all these different hats to support my music? I had to be my own tour manager, promotions manager, have a social media presence, get streams on Spotify, more radio play, build a fan base, arrange interviews, get gigs. The list went on and on! Just the thought of trying to push my release took the joy away from creating more music! I looked for a manager and a record deal, but no luck. I felt stuck and defeated. I stopped writing and became depressed. Although I still performed music regularly as my main source of income, I didn’t finish writing a single song for 5 years!!!!!!


In 2019 I took a music technology course and although I was learning more tools to help with my songwriting, I always used the excuse that I  “didn’t have time to write!” Then Covid hit. I had all the time in the world but was still struggling to sit down and write! I had become the queen of procrastination! Then, in discussion with my female songwriter and producer friends, I found that they were also struggling to write or release music and were feeling frustrated!! The more women (and men) I spoke to, the more I realised EVERYONE of them had the same problem!! The struggle was real. The more I researched, I found some shocking figures. For example in the 2020 US billboard Top 40 charts, only 20.2% included female artists, 12.9% female songwriters and only an unbelievable 2% were female producers.

This was serious!! Something had to be done. These female artists I knew personally were amazing and the world would be missing out if they just gave up!!


Having studied NLP, Positive Psychology, the law of attraction,  stress management AND music business, I started coaching these women through their depression. I would perform regular online gigs to encourage them to do the same and encourage them to keep songwriting and releasing. Using all the tools I had learnt in my years of study, I put them into action. What happened?


I wrote and released my first single in years in only three weeks during the first lockdown which reached Number 1 in the Juno Download charts in less than 72 hours and stayed there for weeks!!! Not only did I have success again in releasing my music, but during coaching other women in music, one of my dear friends I had been coaching for years as a friend became a Grammy award winning artist during Covid!!! It was a sign! If I could achieve success for myself AND for other women in music, I can help you too!


So now I want to help you! Sign up to my 1-2-1 Music Mentorship Program and let me empower and encourage you to banish your limiting beliefs, overcome your resistance to writing or releasing your music and start your journey to success in your dream music career.


This is your chance to not only have the career you want, but also bringing big change to the music industry, crushing the genre divide and being an example to other women who are thinking of choosing a career in music. To let our light shine, gives others the permission to shine bright. We owe it to all women as well as ourselves. We don't have to be the minority!


Bringing together the support of our fellow sisters, we strong empowered women, building each other up, can bring joy and change not only to the music industry, but to the world!

That’s what I believe us artists, songwriters and producers were put on this earth to do!!